Permit & Bonefish

It’s important for bonefish flies to land without scaring the fish and sink just quickly enough to get in the bonefish’s vison. Most bonefish flies are lightly weighted. Successful anglers choose bonefish flies to match the available bait. Bones eat all types of critters: shrimp, mantis shrimp, baitfish, snapping shrimp, crabs, mollusks; the list goes on. It can be daunting to figure this out. Luckily there are common food sources and flies that mimic more than one thing. Gotchas and Crazy Charlies are shrimp imitations but also look like small baitfish. Crab flies might look like shrimp.

Foxy Gotchas and Crazy Charlies are universal bonefish fly recommendations. Addtionally our favorites are Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp, Super Sim Ram, Missing Link, Goat Belly Shrimp and the Permit Crab. The most commonly recommended size is a #6 but we think anglers have better success in most places with #4’s.

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