S.S. Merkin




Anywhere there are permit there are Merkins (a.k.a. the Del Brown Permit Fly). The problem is since Del Brown first started fishing his fly the permit in the Keys have had a whole lot more flies chucked in front of them. The fish are pickier and crab patterns have evolved.

Still the original idea of the Merkin remains sound, a wide body tied with stiff yarn, tail feathers to look like claws, rubber legs and weight to get to the bottom. The S.S. Merkin has all these basics with a little wool “fuzz” in the body to add color and dimension plus natural Cree colored feathers to look more like crab claws. The result is a robust very effective pattern that has become the primary crab fly some Keys guides are throwing at permit (and big bones).

Different sizes available as custom orders and we are happy to tweak colors for picky fish. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


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