About S.S. Flies

When a fish sees a fly, when I see the gills flare, when the fish surges to the fly my stomach jumps.  Sometimes my knees wobble.  When a fish eats – I want it to happen again.  Everyone who ties flies in our shop wants it to happen again.  We assume every angler wants it to happen many, many times.

Fly fishing demands a lot of an angler. There’s all kinds of casts and fishing techniques, unlimited opinions on what will and won’t work, lines, leaders, nippers, fly reels, fly rods; all manner of gear and gadgets.  And then there are flies.

The vast majority of flies are tied in underdeveloped countries with no connection to fly fishing.  Many fly companies employ and consult with great anglers and dedicated fly tiers.  When a new fly is accepted by one of these big tying houses the tier works up a bunch of carefully tied samples and exacting recipes then sends them off to unknown lands.  Often when the first production run comes back from the factory the original fly isn’t recognizable to the developer or sadly, the fish.

At S.S. Flies we tie every fly ourselves in our Maine shop.  We develop and tweak patterns, we work with captains, guides and anglers.  What your flies need to do in the water is second nature to us.  Our assumption is that each fly is going to end up in front of a fish, that the fish is going to surge and eat, that your knees are going to go wobbly.   Whether the fish comes to hand or breaks off, a stocked trout or a monster permit you’ll probably want to do it again.  That one fish will be gone but there will be others, with S.S. Flies you can anticipate the eat again and again.