About S.S. Flies

Fly fishing is a sport of obsessives.  There are casual fly anglers but it seems they either get consumed by the sport or quit, at least the S.S. Flies universe is not casual.  S.S. Flies customers chase sailfish in the Pacific, taimen in remote Siberia, trout from the tip of South America to the famous rivers in the Rockies.  They pursue big tarpon, spooky bones and permit (nobody is a casual permit fly fisher).  These fly anglers obsess over their equipment and knots, lines and leaders and of course their flies.  But none of these crazy anglers pay more attention to their flies then the tiers in the S.S. Flies workshop.

Twisting up bugs at S.S. Flies.

Every fly we sell is tied by anglers in our Maine workshop.  We sit at our tying bench surrounded by fly tying materials both common and obscure daydreaming of new flies, fish eating them and anglers smiling.  Sometimes talking through a pattern with an angler we have to back off, not everyone cares if use cashmere goat instead of bucktail or want to discuss if Slinky Fiber would be a better choice than Super Hair.  They really just want what we are known for, beautiful flies designed to make their fishing trip a memory.