Camo Crab


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In Central America and especially Belize permit eat crabs as they do all over their range but the flats are populated with all kinds of small of multi-colored crabs. These crabs tend to be no bigger than a nickel, they have short but prominent legs and blend in with the bottom. A normal crab pattern about the size of a quarter is two big, a solid colored crab doesn’t look like the real thing.

When fishing the Belize flats you need a small mottled or camouflage colored crab. The popular Bauer Fur Crab was developed to imitate the permit forage on these flats, but they don’t normally come in the necessary colors. Over the years we’ve perfected the technique of mixing a variety of colors to match these little permit snacks. We’ve also developed a unique weighting system. On the bottom of the Camo Crab we attached a small weighted button we make here at S.S. Flies. It sinks well, is perfectly balanced and when it hits the water it makes a distinct “plop” that captains covet in a crab fly.

Note on the sizing of Camo Crabs:
Outfitters suggest #6 crabs for Belize, the Camo Crab is on a very short shank #2 hook (Gamakatsu sc15).  We use this hook because it produces the equivalent of a #6 but with a much wider hook gape then a size six hook.

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