Mini Clouser



This is a very simple, very sexy fly. Small clousers are an important fly to have in the Bahamas especially for Andros Island bonefish. Most Clousers are tied with bucktail or craft fur, when those materials are used in these smaller patterns a lot of the motion is lost. Because we have a great source of long fox fur and can dye our own custom colors we just couldn’t help but tie Clousers with the stuff.

We first worked up the tan Mini Fox Clouser with bonefish in mind. It didn’t take much imagination to think of other fish that would fall for this fly. The gray and olive versions are more general patterns that will certainly fool bonefish but will be great in the Northeast when small baitfish are schooled up. If you are chasing stripers or albies in Montauk or Cape Cod this is a very effective pattern.

Order below or call 207-452-2343, 9am-5pm Eastern time. Tied with wildlife products and can’t be shipped outside the US.

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Gray, Olive, Tan