Blind Cree Charlie


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There are times on shallow flats where a fly with any weight gets down too quickly. Often these are shallow bonefish flats with a bed of turtle grass occupying much of the water column. Bonefish will cruise along picking stuff off the top of the grass.

A weighted fly will get down into the turtle grass “hiding” from the fish. Other times the backs of bonefish are sticking out of the water, the wind is down and the flat is slicked out. The splash of a weighted fly a foot from the feeding fish will sent if off the flat at the point of a “V”.

In either case our “blind” flies are the best choice. Tied like our Cree Charlies but without eyes these flies land softly and sink slowly.Tied on Gamakatu SL11-3h in sizes 6 and 8.

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Peach, Tan, White


Blind 6, Blind 8