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Occasionally we have been asked to tie this fly for anglers heading to Andros Island for big bonefish. This pattern builds on a couple of proven basics; natural tan rabbit fur, subtle but prominent flash and a hint of bold color. The addition of silicone legs adds a little different but proven, movement. An angler probably can take a handful of these and Super Sim Rams and have a great chance of catching bonefish on any Bahama’s flat.

We made two subtle changes to the original: we incorporate a little bit of barred dyed rabbit fur and put epoxy on the thread body so it will stand up to sharp coral. Yellow and hot orange aren’t common bonefish colors but the way this pattern incorporates these colors they can be very effective.

Different sizes available as custom orders and we are
happy to tweak colors for picky fish.
Visit our
custom tying page to learn more.


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