RUB Redux


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The original Randy’s Ugly Bug was developed by Bob LeMay for bonefish in the upper Keys. This fly has caught bonefish from Key West to Islamorda and Biscayne Bay. Over the years we’ve had clients custom order this fly in one form or another. Reports were great; the original is a heck of a fly.

At S.S.Flies we have a hard time leaving things alone. The original recipe calls for all grizzly hackle; bonefish flies seem to always work better with cree. Our first step was to substitute this ginger colored feather for the black and white grizzly hackle. Next we wanted a little more color depth. We played around with a couple things and left the experiments on the tying bench to stare at for a while. Ultimately we settled on a technique that leaves a core of colored ostrich herl in the body.

The overall color of the RUBRedux is a ginger tan, the best bonefish color there is. With hints of shrimp orange or pink this fly is killer on the downtown fish in Islamorada or the most remote flats on the west side of Andros Island. If you’re going to Central America hunting bonefish this is a great choice too.

Different sizes available as custom orders and we are happy to tweak colors for picky fish. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


Order below or call 207-452-2343, 9am-5pm Eastern time. Tied with wildlife products and can’t be shipped outside the US.

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