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There are flies that are strictly imitative, others that can only be considered “attractor” patterns. Then of course there are all those flies that may be imitative or … maybe not. The Crazy Charlie most often falls into this latter category.

Generally this fly has a lot of flash and is brightly colored, sounds like an attractor pattern but many anglers think it must imitate “some shrimp or something”. On the flats, throughout the tropics there are any number of species of mantis shrimp (not really shrimp but that’s o.k.). These tend to be very colorful, fast moving predators; it is quite possible the Crazy Charlie imitates these crustaceans.

S.S.Flies ties its Crazy Charlie’s with a colorful body and inner wing veiled with a subdued Cree feather wing to more accurately suggest mantis shrimp. We also give a nod to tradition. All mass-produced Charlie’s use a softer, wider vinyl over-body wrap. We use the original monofilament body; it’s harder to tie with but produces a very different look; better segmentation and more “depth”, it’s also very durable.

Cree Charlies are available weighted in sizes 4 and 6 and un-weighted with weed guards in sizes 6 and 8. The un-weighted
“blind” Cree Charlies are designed for very shallow water and deep turtle grass beds.

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