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Bonefish in Hawaii aren’t normal. These bones are big, they roam relatively small flats that drop off into the Pacific depths and they eat a lot of Mantis shrimp. The Mantis shrimp in Hawaii aren’t normal either. They dominate the Hawiaiian flats more than other flats largely taking the place of crabs and shrimp in the typical bonefish diet.

Coach Duff’s Spam and Eggs has been part of Hawaiian bonefish diet for a while. It looks like a pretty simple fly but when it gets down to it there are some important details. The body on both colors are dubbed with a specific mix of fur and flash. Normally rubber legs come off the back of a fly, not with this one! Coach decided they needed to come off the top of the head in some funky way. Often captains seem a bit crazy but they can come up with flies that feed fish. The Spam and Eggs has been breakfast lunch and dinner for Hawaiian bonefish for a long time.

Both colors of these flies were specifically developed for Hawaiian Bonefish but Mantis shrimp are important forage on flats throughout the tropics and subtropics. Bonefish, permit and jacks will eat this fly. The tan is the safe choice in most places but in Central America dark brown is often a good color.

Spam and Eggs comes in two sizes #6 and #4 and with weed guards. The #4 has a bigger weight then the #6 both are tied on the heavy wire Gamakatsu SL11 hook. These flies will stop big bonefish and permit.

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