Quivering Fringe


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It took a few years but Tim finally got on Capt. Will Benson’s bow chasing permit in Key West. Will was the first captain to work with S.S. Flies – even before it was S.S. Flies. One of those rare captains with a visceral understanding of his home waters Will has valuable insights. When I filter out the noise and get to the signal Will informs a great deal of my thinking on flats flies. I was certain after a couple days fishing with Will, Tim would never think the same way about flies again.

Perched with his toes gliding over the water, Will’s chatter washing over him, schooled on permit, Tim’s brain baked. I wasn’t sure quite how baked until a few weeks after Key West Tim plunked down the Quivering Fringe. All fuzz flattened on top, buggy in the back – elegantly baked!

The Quivering Fringe may have been originally conceived on a permit endeavor but bonefish will feel left out if they don’t get a chance to snack on it. Tied on a Gamakatsu SC15 #1 moderately weighted it is perfect for bonefish and permit throughout the Keys, Bahamas and the Yucatan Peninsula. The body is larger than a quarter, when stripped in slims down possibly looking more like a shrimp than crab. The cream Fringe is creamy tan with hints of orange, the gold a light golden olive with browns and orange.

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