Spawning Shrimp


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We first tied this fly as a custom order for a client heading to the Seychelles.  As is our habit we left a sample lying around on the tying bench.  From time to time one of us would pick it up, turn it over a couple times and put it back down, we just liked the pattern.  Often when we tie a new custom pattern we like a feature or two enough to tuck the idea away, with the Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp we liked the whole fly.  We substituted fox for the original craft fur tail but that was it. The Spawning Shrimp is one of the must have flats flies.  Over the years we have reports of nearly every fish on the flats eating it.  The number of customers who report days of bonefish after bonefish eating it are common.  As with all our flies we take care to make sure the fly can stand up to this kind of abuse.

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