Belize Permit Add-on Kit



Permit in southern Belize focus on small crabs, penny to nickel size critters.  Our Camo Crab is famous on the flats from Ambergris to Punta Gorda.  The small Crab Cakes and Permit Crabs provide different profiles and sink rates – just in case the permit get picky.

A note on hook size:  On our small crabs we use a short shank hook with a wide gape (Gamakatsu SC15).  The hook size (gape width) is a #2 but the shank is more like a #6 hook.  The bodies are the perfect size for Belize Permit

Kit includes two each:

  • Camo Crab, olive #2
  • Camo Crab, tan #2
  • Permit Crab, olive #2
  • Crab Cake, tan #2
  • Crab Cake, olive #2