Sweet Suzy


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Wander around fly bins and an angler might think crabs come in uniform tan or olive color, wade the flats and the conclusion will be different. The idea for Sweet Suzy came from the flats.

The body of Sweet Suzy is constructed with the same tying technique used to create our Camo Crab but with very different material. By blending various colors of fox fur giving the carapace has a realistic mottled effect. The tan Sweet Suzy has hints of blue, orange and pink; the olive has browns, yellows and a touch of orange. The claws are composed of divided badger tail also with colored highlights. We offer two sizes, size 1 and 1large. The smaller nickel sized #1 is lightly weighted for shallow bonefish flats ,the #1 large is permit weight and about the size of a quarter.

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Olive, Tan


1, 1Lg