Lunch Lady



In this case think of your Lunch Lady as a gourmand who dished up irresistible delights. Also think of this Lunch Lady as feeding bonefish not kids!

Tim worked up this little bonefish crab pattern. Our Permit Crab is a great bonefish fly but the Lunch Lady has more wiggle, some hot orange legs and a realistic light colored bottom carapace. Permit eat best when hit on the head but bonefish often want to chase down prey especially when traveling in schools. The Lunch Lady is a crab designed to drive cruising bones crazy. Throw it at their heads, it lands softly, let the Lunch Lady drop. If they don’t eat right away or if you miss, start stripping, short quick strips and make them charge the Lunch Line.

The Lunch Lady comes on the short shank Gamakatsus SC15 #1 hook. It’s appropriately weighted to fish in moderate to shallow flats.

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Gold, Tan