G.T. Bush Fly



Peter McLoed of Ardvark McLoed has been guiding anglers using this fly on Giant Trevally in the Seychelles since 2007. He says the fly was developed in South Africa for tiger fish. There’s a small baitfish in the Zambesi the tiger fish key on. The fly had to have a solid profile and be durable so the South African guides started working with fibers twisted with wire to form brushes. Eventually the fly was further adapted for Giant Trevally in the Indian Ocean.

Our Bush Fly is true to form but tied differently. Wire brushes have become popular but they have limitations. Instead we use the same technique used to tie our Willy the Pimp but with a custom blend of natural and synthetic fibers. By hollow dubbing the fly we can control the colors, bulk and profile better than with a brush.

Although it’s thought of as an exotic fly for a crazy fishery the Bush Fly is much more versatile than that. It has become popular for the Trevally in Christmas Island, has great profile to imitate midsize bait in the North East and is the right size and profile and sink rate for tarpon in the Everglades.

The S.S. Flies Bush Fly is tied on the beefy 5/0 Gamakatsu sc-153h hook an incredibly strong wide gape hook. Often hooks up to 8/0 are used for tackle busting G.T. but the 5/0 hook is the size of most 6/0 hooks and as strong as the larger hooks.

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Black & Red, Tan