Weed Walker Popper



All poppers push water, gurgle and bubble, that’s what poppers do; but what about the rest of the fly? When a popper stops chugging it shouldn’t stop moving; a fish needs to think its living. With ostrich, rabbit and rubber legs the Weed Walker always looks alive. And of course poppers often do best in the weediest nastiest places. With an integral weed guard this is one of the few poppers made to fish the crud. Slide it through the lily pads, give it a pop, let it sit and wiggle and repeat until Mr. Lunker makes it stop. In the salt the Weed Walker can be fished in a dirty tide line, tossed into the mangroves or launched into the dark with confidence that it will fish cleanly.

The small Weed Walker is perfect for pan fish and small bass and will cast with a 5 or 6 weight rod. The large and extra-large are great for large bass, bluefish, snook, tarpon and smaller pelagics; and 8 weight or larger is needed.

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Black, Chartreuse, White


large, medium, small, XLarge