Central America Tarpon Add-on Kit


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Tarpon Fishing in Mexico, Belize and further south in Central America is a little different from the Keys or Cuba.  Big tarpon often are in deep water where anglers use heavy flies and sinking lines.  The mangroves are nursery areas for “baby” tarpon requiring smaller flies that stay on or near the surface.  The Central American Tarpon Add-on Kit has three big patterns on heavy hooks:  Rabbit Tarpon Fly, Cockroach and big SS t-poons. For the mangroves the kit has Boehm’s Gurglers, Backcountry Sweepers and Simple pimps.  The smaller patterns are great for snook too!

Kit contains two each:

  • Rabbit Tarpon Fly, orange 3/0
  • Cockroach, ginger 4/0
  • SS T-poon, black & red 4/0
  • Boehm’s Gurgler, tan 1/0
  • Backsweeper, white 1/0
  • Simple Pimp, chartreuse 1/0