The Rivet


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This is another fly that came to us via Capt. Honson Lau. He didn’t invent it but he has worked with us to test and tune our version. The Rivet is much like a couple other effective tarpon flies we’ve tied for anglers fishing the Biscayne Bay area, the Floating Sand Devil and Floating Pratt. All these flies have coarse deer hair heads that we trim neatly to look nice but is meant to be messed with. Whether you are stalking tarpon, snook or redfish the fly has to be in the right zone. The Rivet will land high and float in the surface, often the best place to be but anglers accustom to this style of fly don’t hesitate to pluck and trim to get it where the fish want it. This fly has been effective in the Everglades for both baby tarpon and snook, the larger version will work on laid up tarpon.

Like so many effective patterns around the mangroves this fly can be taken for any number of natural bait available. Sure the tan can look like a shrimp but the Rivet is more likely taken as killfish, mollies or some of the other small off-colored baitfish native to the mangroves and tannic waters or the Everglades. The Rivet is tied on the Gamakatsu SC 15 equipped with a loop foul guard around the tail feathers and a single post hard mono weed guard up front.

This fly can be tied in different sizes and almost any color you want. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


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