Marabou Toad


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Tarpon Toads have been around for some time. Apparently, the original toad was tied with a rabbit strip tail (much like our Bunny Toads) by Gary Merriman of the Fish Hawk in Atlanta. Captain Tim Hoover substituted marabou for the rabbit strip then went on an incredible tournament winning streak with Andy Mills. Now the Marabou Toad is one of the most popular tarpon flies in the Keys.

S.S. Flies Marabou Toads are constructed to achieve maximum bulk and “pulse”. Taking inspiration from Northwest steelhead flies we construct the collar in two parts with the last turns of marabou hackle supported by stiffer neck hackle. When placed in front of a laid up fish this fly will suspend in the water pulsing with the current, when stripped the collar collapses and springs back into form. It’s hard to find a fly with better movement.

Our Marabou Toads are tied on Gamakatsu SC 15 hooks. The body is wide and flat, a different profile from our Bunny Toads. The tail and collar of all three colors are a blend of different shades adding to the depth and appearance of the fly. There are Marabou Toads in every fly shop in Florida none are tied like ours.

Note: The FFTR Marabou Toad was designed by Cristian Oro of Fly Fishing The Run it was developed for northern Cuba but works all over.

This fly can be tied in different sizes and almost any color you want. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


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