Backcountry Sweeper


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This is a fairly well known pattern developed by Capt. Steve Huff. The first sample that was sent to us was an unusual color combination of brown tan and orange; white with red deer hair up front is more common. We’ve worked up the common white version with a bit of pink; a popular finger mullet color combination in the Everglades. We also offer a dark brown version that will cast a silhouette in muddy or tannic water. The tan has hints of orange and yellow, more shrimp than mullet colors.

The Backcountry Sweeper is generally thrown at snook or baby tarpon in the mangroves. We equip it with a heavy bent fluorocarbon weed guard so it can be tucked right into the mangroves and not hang up. We know this fly has caught big tarpon on the flats so we put it on the strong Gamakatsu SL12S (a.k.a. Trey Combs Big Game Hook) then put an in-line foul guard through the rabbit strip tail to keep it from wrapping around the hook.

This is an un-weighted fly. If it seems to float too high don’t be afraid to trim or pluck some of the deer hair from the head to get it in the zone.

Order below or call 207-452-2343, 9am-5pm Eastern time. Tied with wildlife products and can’t be shipped outside the US.

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