Badger Tarpon Fly


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Badger fur is wonderful stuff. It has sparse long black and white barred guard hairs and very fine soft under fur, it’s a lot like rabbit but twice as long. Even better is that the under fur shades from a medium gray at the base to cream at the tips. We have used it for a long time in the Studebaker Hawk. After tying with it for a number of years it was begging to be the featured material in a tarpon fly.

This is a pretty basic low profile tarpon fly with splayed tails. Over the years we have become convinced that many of these classic tarpon flies are taken as shrimp. On the Badger tarpon fly we commit to the shrimp notion in two ways: we use a pair of long white albino peacock barbules for antenna and tie in two epoxy eyes off the back.

The Badger Tarpon Fly is tied with the Keys in mind but this classic profile and colors have also been consistently effective in the Yucatan. It comes only on the 2/0 Gamakatsu SC15 hook and in two colors: chartreuse and tan. We can add a weed guard if you need it.

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Chartreuse, Tan