Laid-up Bug


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Laid-up Bugs cast easy, land softly and have great motion in the water. Although the name suggest this fly should be used when stalking fish laid-up on the surface it is equally effective on cruising fish. This is the go-to style for almost every guide in the Lower Keys; it’s essential to have this pattern for any tarpon trip.

The Laid-up Bugs come with an over-the-top style mono loop foul guard, the lightest hint of flash and great hackle products that move right in the water and reduce fouling.

Chartreuse is essential but few captains leave the dock without the other colors on board too. The orange is tied with natural Cree feathers that imitate shrimp colors.

Common custom options include plastic or metal bead chain eyes, larger size hook and Owner Aki hooks. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.

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Black & Purple, Chartreuse, Olive, Orange & Tan