The classic profile of this baitfish pattern has been a standard in the salt for years. The problem with the original is that it is made of just one material leaving it fairly lifeless. It bothers us to tie lifeless flies so we started playing with material.

The belly of the Notep is composed of fairly stiff Slinky Fiber which keeps the Cashmere goat hair in the tail from fouling. The top of the fly is our favorite fox tail fur. These three materials combine to form the nearly perfect baitfish profile that is far from lifeless.

The Notep is tied on a 2/0 Gamakatsu SC15 and is appropriate for any game fish chasing bait: stripers in the Northeast or on the West Coast. Tarpon in the Everglades, tuna off shore, monster snook in the mangroves will crush this fly. We’ve been told Giant Trevally can’t swim by the Notep. It’s also great in fresh water – bass, pike and even big browns!

And unlike the original version with the Notep you can leave you comb at home.

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Black & Purple, Gray, Olive