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The Mini Puff is one of those patterns we avoided for a long time. In the Bahamas and the Yucatan this fly gets fished a lot but anglers armed with sexier patterns do better. Because nearly every lodge recommends the Mini Puff, nearly every foreign fly factory ties them nearly every fly angler as heard of this pattern. It’s tough and maybe foolish to ignore such popularity so we thought we should do some work on Mini Puffs to see if we can improve the pattern.

By substituting spiky dubbing for the traditional chenille head we’ve kept the original profile of the Mini Puff but improved on the original intent of the fly. This fly is meant to land softly, we’ve found the traditional pattern doesn’t actually do that. By using the same dubbing we use on our B-turds we actually achieve the soft landing. The dubbed head also has some inherent movement and we custom blend colors that make sense. When bonefish are prowling the flats for grass shrimp or other small crustaceans our Mini Puff colors match the hatch, will land softly in the shallowest water and track beautifully when stripped.

We certainly recommend this fly for any bonefish flat in the Bahamas or on the Yucatan. But don’t be shy to throw our Mini Puff a more challenging bonefish.

Mini Puffs come in size 6 & 8 and three colors all on Gamakatsu SS15 hooks.

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Olive, Pink, Tan


6, 8