Permit Crab


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This simple, easy to cast fly is found in some version or another in just about every fly shop in southern Florida. Our version has fooled many permit and bonefish over the years. The key is in the tail; we use the hard to find cree and barred olive feathers, then mount them carefully so they spread wide like a defensive crab. Place it carefully in front of a tailing fish then strip – strip, fish on!

Choose the color to match local crabs and bottom color. Don’t let the name limit you, Permit Crab is very effective on bonefish, use the stock size 1 for the large fish in the Keys or on Andros or in deeper water, the lightly weighted #2 is for shallow bonefish flats. Comes with a single post weed guard.

Over the years we have custom tied this fly bigger and heavier for a lot of captains and clients. We now stock two different size 1 crabs. The regular size 1 is the fly we’ve stocked for years. The #1 large is on a longer hook and has a heavier eye. This is the fly for early permit in the Lower Keys and any time the fish needs to be hit on the head and have the fly down in front of it immediately.

Different sizes available as custom orders and we are happy to tweak colors for picky fish. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


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