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The Magic Mama is designed to be fished deep; the heavy eye gets it down the ostrich is one of the few materials that still moves nicely deep in current. In the Northeast it’s great fun to wade to stripers on the beach or stalk the mud flats but most often fly fisherman have to get down deep in current. Clousers are the standby but they often don’t have the profile or size of the bait stripers are feeding on. The generic alternative is the Half & Half, Clouser up front Deceiver in back, is the general pattern used. We think most Half & Half’s aren’t as good as they could be.

When designing the Magic Mama we started with an appreciation of Half and Half’s but wanted to build on the profile and movement. The ostrich herl does both adding a nice belly shape and color, the herl also undulates wonderfully when stripped. We then started to build color. Like our Clousers the wing is constructed of a central core of color with a band of flash then a veil of bucktail as the dominant color. We also include a lateral line of long flexible saddle complimenting the baitfish color and adding movement.

Available in three favorite Northeast colors a handful of these flies will imitate most of the common large bait. The olive is layered with browns and golden olive to emulate pollock. With steel blue and hints of pink the gray Magic Mama is the ticket when stripers are feeding on herring or alewife. The chartreuse has an olive core making us at least feel like there is some baitfish color in it. The Magic Mama is heavier than our Clousers.

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Chartreuse, Gray, Olive