Bulky Bunker


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Big and wide! Years ago, before S.S. Flies existed I tied commercially for several Northeast shops. The Grocery Fly was standard fare then and I tied hundreds of them. The original was basically a Deceiver with big schlappen tails, a bunch of hi-tied bucktail topped with peacock herl. Over the years I started high tying the bucktail in at a forty-five degree angle in and attempt to bulk up the profile. I gave some to the flies to the buyer at Hunter’s Angling Supply and he started fishing them. We tweaked it a bit, adding more flash, making the profile even wider and, for him tying it really long, up to 10″! It was no longer a Grocery Fly and was dubbed the Bulky Bunker. It’s won striper tournaments, has feed many huge stripers and has remains a staple fly among Northeast anglers and captains.

We carefully tie in different lengths of schlappen to enhance the movement of the Bulky Bunker then weave in a few different kinds of flash in a couple places. The bucktail we use is chosen carefully for the right length and crinkle then the fly is finished with a topping of peacock we choose carefully and cut off quills. This fly should be as nice to look at as to fish.

The Bulky Bunker comes in two sizes, 4/0 and 2/0. The big one is close to six inches long, the smaller one more like four. This fly can be custom tied in different colors and if you want a really big fly we can get the 4/0 up to 10″ long.

This fly can be tied in different sizes and almost any color you want. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.

Tied with wildlife products and can’t be shipped outside the US.

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Chartreuse, Herring, Olive


2/0, 4/0