Epoxy Bunnies



Anchovies and Silversides are small baitfish with a slim profile and prominent eye. Stripers, bluefish, albies and bonito ball up schools of these fish and gorge on them. This can pose a dilemma to fly anglers; if you match the bait precisely what’s a big striper going to notice about the fly to trigger a take but if it looks too different then the fish won’t care about it.

Epoxy Bunnies do a great job of resolving this dilemma. The slim body with a big eye has the shape and proportion of these “glass minnows”, the rabbit strip tail wiggles and twitches. Some think stripers single out wounded fish, Epoxy Bunnies are often eaten after a couple short strips while it is sitting still. The thinking goes that the bunny strip mimics the twitching of a wounded minnow.

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Anchovy, Silverside