Punky Meadows



We love flies with elaborate movement. A fly can look just like a baitfish with meticulous coloration and perfect proportion but if it acts like a stick in the water fish tend to treat it like a stick. To make a fly look alive it has to undulate and pulse when stripped and when it pauses. In the Northeast stripers can’t resist a big fly with great movement.

There are all kinds of different movement in the Punky Meadows. We start by tracking down the most extravagant ostrich herl, all the fibers are six inches or longer. Herl of this length has the coolest movement in the water. The body of the fly is hollow-tied using very long bucktail with various types of flash materials. Hollow tied long bucktail collapses when it’s stripped and springs back to form when there’s a pause; it moves a lot but different than the ostrich. The face of the fly is constructed of fox fur introducing yet a third layer of movement in this fly.

If you haven’t fished a hollow tied fly you are in for a new experience. This technique popularized by Bob Popovics, allows for a huge fly with very little material. Hollow flies can be tied big but are relatively easy to cast. The hollow technique also results in a unique three-dimensional profile rounded like baitfish. They look great in hand, cast well and work great!

This fly can be tied in different sizes and almost any color you want. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


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Blue, Chartreuse, Olive