M.F. Dinner Shrimp


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This fly was first introduced at the Bonefish Tarpon Trust 5th International Symposium. We were working up a box of flies for the silent auction but wanted the selection to be special. We thought it would be fun if we R&D-ed (Rip-off and Duplicate) a couple patterns from the notable attendees. Andy Mill being a notable attendee we started paging through his “A Passion for Tarpon”. The original Andy’s Dinner Shrimp is similar but we use a different fur in place of the rabbit collar and instead of wrapping then trimming marabou for the body we used our marabou Trash Can Special Dub.

The M.F. Dinner Shrimp is a medium size tarpon fly similar to a Marabou Toad but with a very different profile in the head. Shaped like a baitfish this fly presents a more realistic profile than a Toad but has a little quicker sink rate.

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Black & Purple, Chartreuse, Tan