Woolly Mullet



Years ago we developed this fly to imitate immature mullet in the Keys and Everglades. Captains keep it in their box to throw at tarpon when they are focused on various deep bodied bait. We have kept in our striper fly box ever since it was first introduced.

It’s easy to cast, has a great profile, prominent eye and good movement. The wool head is tied to absorb water; if cast wet it suspends just below the surface, cast dry it stays on top for a while. In any case it can move water and make a wake. In the Northeast when fished with a sinking line it always gets down where the fish stripers are.

Lots of custom options are available, bigger, smaller, different size or color eyes or different color body and wing. It can also be weighted with the addition of metal eyes or lead wrapped on the body. Visit our custom tying page to learn more.


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Chartreuse, Gray, Olive