Soft Hackle Streamer




The key to an effective Soft Hackle Streamer is the quality of the marabou. The fibers need to be long and wispy. We buy the best marabou possible dying it ourselves to get the perfect colors. We stray a bit from the original by adding a little bucktail inside for some subtle depth of color. Instead of the typical mallard collar we us pheasant rump.

Our Soft Hackles are tied in two versions: traditional and cone head, each in four colors. An angler could have a box filled with nothing but Soft Hackles to fish where ever freshwater flows and expect success. The cone head is weighted with the cone and a touch of extra weight on the shank, the traditional version is moderately weighted on the on the shank.

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Brown, Gray, Olive, White



Cone head

Cone head, Traditional