Trashy Bugger


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At S.S. Flies we feel even Woolly Buggers should be beautiful. Not everyone feels this way. We’ve seen commercial Buggers with hackles that break on the first cast, flies that spin in the lightest current, bodies that twist around the hook. The worst? Buggers with the marabou tail hacked to length! That just isn’t right.

The original Woolly Bugger like its apparent predecessor the Woolly Worm, is tied with a chenille body. Chenille is a classic material but one we can’t abide. It has no life, no added dimensions, no nuance; it’s a simple way to tie a thick body without any investment in time and technique. Our Trashy Bugger body is bulky without bulk, tied with our Trashcan Special Dub it ripples in the lightest current and has a touch of sparkle. Finished with a collar of our custom dyed pheasant rump and weighted on the shank the Trashy Bugger is the beautiful bugger. See what your favorite fish thinks.

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Black, Gray, Olive


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