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There isn’t much to this fly; an eye fixed into a bulge of epoxy, sparse collar and tails, a hint of flash; nothing but a simple baitfish imitation. When it comes to cruising fish on the beach there’s much more to the D.T. Special then these few simple materials. Along the beaches of the Gulf Coast there are any number of small baitfish, the snook and sea trout that cruise the beaches are looking for schools of the tiny bait. A fly with much more to it will have too much bulk, it won’t look like the bait.

It’s hard to figure out just where this fly came from or who developed it. Capt. Steve Gibson from Sarasota promotes the D.T. Special but we got our original samples years ago from someone(?) in Boca Grand. It is one of the few flies expressly designed for snook cruising the beaches where small baitfish congregate. The original D.T. Special is white and is known to work at night. An obvious option then is to present a version in dark colors so it will appear as a solid silhouette from below. For these situations be sure to have a couple of the black and purple D.T.’s in your box.

Our D.T. Special is tied with a loop foul guard around the tails and u.v.-stable epoxy (so it won’t go yellow in the sun) all on a Gamakatsu SS15 hook.

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