Basic Permit Kit



Permit fishing has a daunting aura about it.  The most committed fly anglers have a life count of permit landed in the low three digits.  At the same time it’s a game of basics – find the fish, get in position and make an accurate cast.  The problem is that if one thing is a little off it can send the permit into the deep.  Permit flies don’t have to be fancy but like everything else they must fish right.

This kit includes the following along with a Cliff Crab Shack:

  • Permit Crab, tan 1
  • Permit Crab, tan 1lg
  • Permit Crab, olive 1
  • Permit Crab, olive 1lg
  • Raghead, tan 1/0
  • Raghead, olive 1/0
  • Mantis Shrimp, tan 2

Two permit fisheries have unique fly requirements, southern Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula.  S.S. Flies offers add-on kits for these destinations.  Check out the Belize Permit Add-on and Yucatan Permit Add-on kits.  Compliment the Basic Permit Kit or add on to your own collection of permit flies.