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Many anglers have a love/hate relationship with today’s large articulated streamers. It’s easy to love a fly that looks like a small adult trout, one a big fish just has to kill. That love can be clouded by a fly that casts like a paper cup and is heavy enough to give the angler a concussion. Our Matador is all about the love.

Employing the hollow tying techniques we’ve perfected on our tarpon flies plus an innovative use of thin semi ridged plastic tubing the Matador is a five inch baitfish pattern comfortably cast with an eight weight; it can even be launched with a two handed six weight. Many large modern streamer rely on a lot of material packed in the head. The thinking is the fly needs all this material to kick up micro currents that ripple down the length of the fly. With hollow tying we are able to produce a large head with minimal material. It still pushes water but sheds it on the first back cast. The mid-section is like a Double Bunny but on a super lightweight tube followed by a stinger hook dressed with a couple feathers to look like a tail.
The Matador was originally developed for bull trout, we scaled it down a little bit and tied in general juvenile trout colors with big browns and ‘bows in mind. But don’t limit your scope with the Matador, this is also a great bass and pike fly.

The Matador comes on a #2 hook, is about five inches long with a weighted shank on the front hook.

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Olive, Tan, White