Fresh Fuzzy


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I was given a copy of “Forgotten Flies” by Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils soon after it was published. Spending hours paging through it the precise photography, spare graphic design and complete depth of information seared into my brain. Of course many of the streamer patterns depicted are our local Northeast classics. Classic in my mind has always been the Little Brook, Brown and Rainbow series of flies, I liked the stacked layered bucktail wings. The versions in Forgotten Flies stood out though. Not because of the wing but the body. It was dubbed and picked wool giving the fly that perfect baitfish profile.

The Fresh Fuzzy pulls from this image. Originally we did this fuzzy body on our small saltwater baitfish pattern, the Fuzz Belly. Using a little spikier dubbing while keeping the clear epoxy head and eye we started adapting that pattern back to the freshwater where it started. The Fresh Fuzzy comes in three common freshwater baitfish color schemes, is moderately weighted on the shank with a wing of flash, ostrich herl and wonderfully translucent badger tail. This fly is easy to cast, has a great profile and movement, perfect when small baitfish are the key forage.

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Brown, Gray, Olive