Custom Tying

Important: At this time S.S. Flies is unable to accept any orders for custom flies.

S.S.Flies Custom Tying Service:


S.S. Flies ties all kinds of flies! Although we specialize in saltwater flies we’ve produced everything from size 24 midges to Atlantic salmon, musky and pike flies – just about anything you can think of. Whether it’s an old time favorite, the hottest new bug or an idea of your own we can probably tie it for you.

Any information like pictures, web address or a magazine article is helpful. Of course actual samples are the best to work from but not necessary. S.S.Flies can simply change the hook on one of our stock patterns for you or help you develop the newest, greatest fly.

Contact us with your custom tying needs (or dreams), once the pattern is established S.S. Flies will quote a price, give you an estimated delivery date and discuss payment options. Generally we send a photo of the prototype for approval and we always keep the photo and recipe on file. There may be a service charge for any further prototyping but we’ll let you know before that happens.

The minimum order for custom work is 6 of each pattern and size (you can order 6 size 2 Jane’s Super Crab and 6 size 4 but not 6 Jane’s Super Crab with 3 each of #2 and #4).

To order call 207-452-2343, 9am-5pm Eastern time.

We reserve the right to refuse to tie a pattern. Payment in full must be received before work on the order begins. No refunds or returns allowed on custom orders. Samples sent to us might not be available for return. If you must have the sample back let us know, we’ll do our best.