Custom Tying

At this time S.S. Flies is not able to accept custom orders. We expect to start working on custom orders in May.

S.S.Flies Custom Tying Service:

S.S. Flies has tied custom patterns for captains, beginner anglers and the most obsessed fly chucker.  We’ve worked from exact samples and vague descriptions of imagined bugs.  We can do just about anything.

With our full production schedule to keep our bins of stock flies full we have very limited time for custom work.  There are times when we are accepting custom orders and periods when we can’t.  Typically we are too busy from March to June to work on custom patterns. 

All custom orders are subject to a strict minimum order of 10/pattern/color up to two sizes.

You can order 10 tan Jane’s Bonefish Wonder in sizes 4 and 6.  An order for two colors of Jane’s Bonefish Wonder would be for 10 of each color.  

Expect prices to be at least 10% high than a similar stock pattern.  Any fly requiring materials we don’t have in stock will be subject additional fees.