Wonder Fly


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Peter’s close friend and fishing buddy Tom, is responsible for this fly. Tom had ordered some Sparkle Caddis from the House of Harrop thinking of the Lafontaine Sparkle Caddis. That’s a great fly but these “Sparkle Caddis” looked nothing like them. Tom tucked the odd Sparkle Caddis in one of his fly boxes and forgot about them until they percolated back into his consciousness on a trout stream. He caught a bunch of fish, tried them again and caught a bunch of fish again. After Tom caught even more fish he ran out of the rogue Sparkle Caddis and asked Peter to copy them. Peter did and went with Tom and Ben to Grand Lake Stream where Tom conducted a number of informal clinics. When asked what fly he was using “The Wonder Fly” boomed up and down Grand Lake Stream. This trio never goes trout fishing without the Wonder Fly.

The Wonder Fly is a caddis larvae imitation. Its blocky shape accurately mimics most caddis larvae, the special dubbing blend seems to trap a bit of air and the weight we add to the shank helps get it down. It has caught fish in the surface film, bouncing off the bottom and everywhere in between. It catches fish wherever there are caddis fly larvae – which is everywhere.
Two sizes and two colors are all that’s need for most caddis larvae: size 14 and 16, olive and brown.

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Brown, Olive


14, 16