Wake-n-Shake Popper




Light fog barely drifts off mirrored water, in a minute the sun will sneak over the horizon. Somewhere beyond sight, a fish gobbles and then again. Your heart races. Time to keep calm – make the right decision. Time for a Wake-n-Shake.

The Wake-n-Shake is a unique popper. Not only is it built with S.S. Flies’ characteristic blend of natural and synthetic materials but it’s articulated. It wiggles wildly when chugged across the surface, quivers when stripped slowly and when the Wake-n-Shake stops moving – the rear end does indescribable things. With the Double Barrel popper head up front this thing can push a ton of water or be snaked along the surface. With our bent weed guard protecting the hook it’ll fish in the weeds, slide out of the mangroves and resist getting fouled in dirty tides. This is a large popper. As we were developing the Wake-n-Shake were thinking of big bass lurking in the weeds, blitzes in the Northeast or all manner of aggressive fish from the mangroves to blue water.

The Wake-n-Shake casts best with an 8wt or larger.

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Black, Chartreuse, White


large, medium, XLarge