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Although we look at lots of different fly patterns we usually don’t pay as much attention to the pattern as the features that make up the fly. The Twisted O’Herl fly is a result of a couple different things we saw on other patterns that we thought were interesting.

Years ago someone wanted a custom fly that had a weird black and yellow body and very simple wing. The pattern didn’t seem particularly special but the body was made up of twisted ostrich herl. It stuck with us. We knew there was a serious bonefish fly in that idea.

Somewhere else we saw a fly that used a double mono weed guard but had burnt mono eyes on the ends. I don’t even remember what the fly looked like but the dual purpose feature of eyes with weed resistance resonated. We knew one day we’d use this feature

When we started playing seriously with twisted ostrich body we started thinking shrimp. With the antennae and fox fur rostrum the fly had to have eyes. It begged for the mono weed guard eyes.

The result is a seductive bonefish fly. We tie the Twisted O’Herl fly in two sizes accentuating the difference in proportion. The #6 Twisted O’Herl fly is relatively small, great for the Yucatan and Belize bones. The #4 is pretty big just right for Andros, Grand Bahamas etc. Both are weighted with a 1/8� brass Dazl eye. It’ll get down well on the average bonefish flat up to couple feet deep.

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