Studebaker Hawk


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This is not a normal looking tarpon fly but normal isn’t always good. Where tarpon swim shrimp will swim, tarpon like to eat shrimp and this is a very good shrimp pattern. To be basic there are two Common Shrimp available to tarpon at various times or places; white and brown. The Studebaker Hawk imitates this favorite tarpon food.

This fly is sparse but alludes to the form and color of the shrimp. Importantly it’s meant to have a lot of subtle motion for such a sparse fly. The canted up tail bends when stripped, we use a fur between the tail feather that has both stiff guard hairs and wispy under fur. And the very sparse spey hackle collar adds a hint of color while moving like the long antennae of shrimp.

Over the years we have tied precursors of this pattern for several captains, some more complicated but all effective. It hasn’t ever been the primary fly throughout the season but there are times when shrimp are in the shallows that this is the fly tarpon want.

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