Snowshoe Caddis


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The Snowshoe Caddis features one of our favorite tying techniques – S.O.A.H. (shit on a hook). The S.O.A.H. technique may seem a little crude, it’s just lashing any fiber directly on the hook in bunches. We of course, think it’s more nuanced then that but we’re fly geeks; it’s a versatile quick way of producing a robust buggy body. For the Snowshoe Caddis we fluff up dubbing from snowshoe hare feet. The combination of stiff guard hairs and super fine under-fur produce a body that floats the fly through riffles but still fools difficult fish in quiet pools. It’s a great fly for prospecting a brook or river.

Fish the Snowshoe Caddis like any other caddis dry fly. Observe the natural behavior at the surface. If they are drifting in the current dead drift the fly. If the fish are consistently crashing the surface try a slight skittering technique. You can also dead drift it then let the fly swing in the current and hang for a bit. This fly can also be surprisingly effective deep as a dropper behind a nymph being bounced off the bottom. The Snowshoe Caddis comes with either a tan or olive body and is tied in size 12-18. Caddis flies often look bigger in the air than they actually are, if it looks like a size 14 in the air it’s more like a size 16 bug.

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Olive, Tan


12, 14, 16, 18