Pigmy Twilight


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Squid are an important food source in all marine environments. On the East Coast from Cape Hatteras to Newfoundland there are two primary species (Loligo paeleii and llex illecebrosus). Both species migrate inshore and can be found from late winter to mid fall. They travel in big schools and migrate vertically going deep during the day, feeding near the surface at night. Tuna, stripers and blue fish will follow these schools feeding at will.

Both of the common East Coast species live for only a year or less. They grow incredibly fast most are 8-12� long but schools are often composed of different age and different size individuals. Squid patterns 5-8� long are effective when fish are gorging themselves on a school.

The Pigmy Twilight pushes the practical length of any fly. By constructing an articulated fly we can get extra length from our already super long ostrich herl and put the eye where it needs to be (close to back of the fly). The articulation also adds extra wiggle in the tentacles. The �mantle� portion of the squid (the part of the fly tied on the forward hook) is weighted, tied with some flash and accented colors and veiled with cashmere goat.

With three colors you should be able to feed this pattern to any fish feeding on squid. The white a brown are general color patterns, the black version provides the squid profile in low light and night time situations.

Note: The rear �hook� is just a shank. The front hook is the long shanked Gamakatsu SP113L3H size 3/0.

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Black & Purple, Brown, White