Muddy Damsel


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Note:  We are no longer stocking this pattern.  It is available as a custom order.

Our corner of Maine is full of gems, small bass ponds with access but not much development. Tim and his family live a couple minutes from such a gem, nobody goes there so it’s kind of like their private pond. The pond is loaded with damsel flies. Sometimes if you don’t have a damsel imitation the pond will appear devoid of fish – if one is fishing the Muddy Damsel it will seem full of fish. The Muddy Damsel is the culmination of seven years of testing in that little pond; it’s a great pattern.

The Muddy Damsel has a body of twisted marabou custom dyed in our favorite muddy olive and brown; it’s durable and fuzzy and the perfect color. The deer hair back is impregnated with a durable rubbery finish, it will hold up to serious punishment. The eyes are plastic bead chain but the shank of the hook is wrapped with lead, this fly sinks!

Damsel fly nymphs are constantly chasing down mosquito and various fly larvae. Most prowl weed beds molting as they mature, getting larger through the season. When the nymphs are ready they crawl out of the water onto vegetation, rock or log then split their shuck emerging as a limp winged adult. After a half our or so the wings are inflated and they fly off. When damsels are about to emerge they are most vulnerable. Here in Maine we fish damsel flies throughout the summer, the nymphs of one kind or another are always in the water.

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