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Parachute style dry flies are a fly box necessity. They are visible to the angler, they float well in all conditions and sit on the surface like a natural adult. Just a few colors and a variety of sizes will match most any mayfly you’ll find trout snacking on.

Parachute style flies are pretty simple things; a tail, simple body, a post style wing and hackle. There are a few details that turn a fishable parachute fly into a great fly, our Justa Para is a great fly. We anchor the wing to the shank so it won’t spin around the hook shank; a parachute fly with its wing sticking off to the side does not look like fish food. We use special Coq de Leon rooster feathers for the pontoon style tails, they look just like real mayfly tails. The body is composed of twisted Cashmere goat, it naturally repels water and is segmented. We finish with several winds of stiff Whiting hackles to ensure the fly stays floating.

Fish Justa Paras for to imitate a specific bug or as a prospecting fly. It’s particularly good for pocket water, it’ll float through the rough water and glide into a pool upright and bug like. We have Justa Paras in sizes 14, 16 and 18, colors are sulpur, purple and olive. Purple is a great generic color.

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Olive, Purple, Sulphur


14, 16, 18