Justa P.T.


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Every trout angler knows the Pheasant Tail nymph, it’s everywhere, it works. At the same time this iconic fly is often dismissed; “they see it all the time” the logic goes. The truth is this pattern looks as much like the real thing as any fly. Tied well in the American style, it is absolutely one of the first flies to tie on when trout are chowing on nymphs.

The S.S. Flies Pheasant Tail adheres strictly to traditional standards. The tail, body, thorax and legs are proportional, we even “size” the peacock in the thorax. The body is carefully tapered to mimic naturals and it is weighted to get in the trout’s face. The body is twisted pheasant tail fibers, if a fiber or two breaks it doesn’t unwind, the wire ribbing is counter wound binding the body to make it even tougher. As with all our trout flies, we tie off the head with double-double knots then finish with epoxy making the fly bomb proof. S.S. Flies Pheasant Tails are usually lost before they wear out.

Fish these pheasant tails either as a dropper behind a dry fly or on the bottom. Fished as a single fly without added weight they will drop naturally to the bottom in light current. Add more weight to get it down quicker or in stronger current. Our favorite weight is tungsten putty, it is easily added to the leader and taken off and doesn’t damage the leader.

We tie the Justa P.T. in one color, brown with a hint of olive. Sizes range from 12-18.

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12, 14, 16, 18