Goats Breath Var.



Cashmere goat is one of our favorite materials. It’s long and fine with translucence unmatched by any natural material except polar bear. This long hair is the perfect material for monster Thunder Creek style baitfish patterns.

Our Goat’s Breath Variation is built for business. Starting with a beefy 4/0 Owner Aki hook we add a little bulk in the tail with synthetic Super Hair then fold back two colors of goat hair to define the belly and back colors. With a prominent eye and slim profile these flies are dead ringers for baitfish like mature sand lances and half beaks. In warmer waters the Goat’s Breath Variation has an enticing needlefish or ballyhoo profile.

Now let’s think what will eat things like half beaks, ballyhoo, sand lances or needlefish, bonito, tuna, sailfish, barracuda, stripers, false albacore, Spanish mackerel, tarpon and probably more we haven’t thought of.

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Blue, Chartreuse, Olive