Finn & Poncho


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Note:  We are no longer keeping this pattern in stock.  It is available as a custom order.

Finn was a cat. Poncho was a horse. Ben (Peter’s close friend and fishing partner) needed some midge larvae so Finn and Poncho became a midge larvae. It always catches fish.

We don’t do our Finn and Poncho with a cat dubbing head and thread body ribbed with horse hair and neither does Ben. The horse hair lasted for only a fish or two and we aren’t brave enough to popularize cat hair dubbing. Wire works better for the rib and natural muskrat fur makes a great dubbing.

Seemingly to prove a point but more likely just to catch fish Ben has fed Finn and Ponchos to fish in all kinds of conditions. He has, fully against a guide’s best advice, fished it in a flooded Delaware River. The guide had to rethink fishing muddy water Ben did so well. The Finn and Poncho has frustrated the wiliest spring creek trout, it has caught fish when the rod guides are freezing and when the water is lit up with a clear hot noon sun. The thing is if a midge floats in to a trout’s nose the trout will eat it like a piece of popcorn.

Finn and Poncho comes in midge sizes, 18-22 and in red and black.

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Black, Red


18, 20, 22